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  2. Hey Mary,

    I saw you write about parenting and recently did an article about back to school article about anxiety so I wanted to reach out about 2 things 1) Phonics Museum is an app that is helping kids learn to read at a younger age. With kids these days starting school already knowing so much information- not knowing how to read can have a child behind before they even step into the classroom. Phonics Museum is the perfect solution for making sure your child has a leg up before going to school. The other thing I wanted to talk with you about was how 4 million people are turning to Christian meditation to relieve their stress, anxiety and improve their sleep. They have meditations for adults but they also have meditations for kids that are done by kids. It's a great tool to use when a child is a little anxious about going to school or maybe feeling discouraged. Let me know what your thoughts on these are!