Friday, December 2, 2016

Autumn, in Review

Hello, December.

The cold and wind seems to have finally arrived here in the Midwest. It's an adjustment, for sure. There are now three kids to dress in warm clothes, heads to cover, three pairs of mittens to keep track of. I won't be surprised at all of it we make a habit of staying in over the next few months, if we use the cold as an excuse to slow down for awhile.

Autumn was good to us. Chris is settled in to his new job and very busy with the holiday season. I am back to working "full-time," whatever that means when you work from home. The girls seem to be adjusting well to having Nolan in our lives. Nolan is, well, the sweetest. He's a peach. He has recently starting giggling and sometimes he giggles just because he's caught my eye. It's sweet being a mama. He is three months old today, which feels like a milestone. The end of the fourth trimester. He still sleeps in bed with me for much of the night, in the crook of my arm with his check pressed against my breast.

We kicked off the fall with our first ever family camping trip. I had no idea what to expect, but considering that we had a preschooler, toddler and a one-month-old, an air mattress that sprung a leak and damp firewood, things went pretty well. We left saying things like, "Next time..." so that feels like a win to me. In the future, we'll be better planners, that's for sure. As it turns out, it is difficult to cook eggs and bacon without a spatula and a case of water isn't really all that much if you've got teeth to brush and you're a breastfeeding mom.

Homeschool is only kind of happening. We do an activity here and there, work on Spanish in the car, do crafts in the afternoons. Clementine is obsessed with spelling right now, so I've been following her lead, teaching her phonics as we go and squeezing in a reading lesson when I can. I'm glad preschool doesn't require structure and I like the freedom homeschooling gives us to follow her interests.

That's pretty much all for our autumn. We have enjoyed spending time with our new friends from Thrive Wild+Free and spend as much time outside as possible. Some days, being a mom of three and working from home is really hard, but I'm adjusting and the girls are going to a new babysitter next week. I'm looking forward to some focused time to get caught up on work and start planning for the New Year.

How was your autumn?


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